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 ?  Address 0x0058D740
 ?  Player ID 3319 (Byte Offset: 00)
 ?  Version 1.16.1
 ?  Name Vanilla Location Table
 ?  Size 20
 ?  Length 64
 ?  SC:Remaster Simple Data
 ?  Description This Location Table is not used in the Expansion (Brood War)! +0x00 (EPD 3319) This is the LEFT position of the location (X1). +0x04 (EPD 3320) This is the TOP position of the location (Y1). +0x08 (EPD 3321) This is the RIGHT position of the location (X2). +0x0C (EPD 3322) This is the BOTTOM position of the location (Y2). +0x10 (EPD 3323) String ID: 1) Look in the String Editor of the Map Editor you're using 2) Find the name of the location within it 3) Now count all the strings that are above it, and add 1 to the total number. 4) The number you came to is the String ID for that location Flags (Affect Layers): Low Ground: 65536 Med Ground: 131072 High Ground: 262144 Low Air: 524288 Med Air: 1048576 High Air: 2097152 When all flags are enabled, the value of the address is: 4128768 + String ID When all flags are disabled, the value of the address is: String ID Note: the 64th location is "Anywhere."
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