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 ?  Address 0x006509B0
 ?  Player ID 203155 (Byte Offset: 00)
 ?  Version 1.16.1
 ?  Name Trigger Current Player aka CP Trick
 ?  Size 4
 ?  Length 1
 ?  SC:Remaster Simple Data
 ?  Description Used to dynamically run EUDs or dereference pointers. Sets "Current Player" in triggers to be a reference to a different base address for the deaths table. e.g.: ```trig Set Deaths("Int:203155", "Terran Marine", Set to, EPD); Set Deaths("Int:203155", "Terran Marine", Add/Subtract, whatever); Set Deaths("Current Player", "Terran Marine", Set to/Add/Subtract, whatever); ``` Example: Implement Set Minerals for current player ```trig // Add -11421 to 0x006509B0 (player ID corresponding to 0x0057F0F0) SetMemory(0x6509B0, Add, 0xFFFFD363); // Add 50 to byte offset for that address -- current player will increase target address by 4 bytes for each player that runs it SetDeaths(CurrentPlayer, Add, 50, "Terran Marine"); // Add +11421 to 0x006509B0 to set it back to what it was SetMemory(0x6509B0, Add, 0x00002C9D); ``` Example: Implement a SetKills action for Current Player ```trig // Add -2736 to 0x6509B0 (player ID corresponding to 0x005878A4) SetMemory(0x6509B0, Add, 0xFFFFF550); // Current player combined with unit ID now references the correct target address in the Kills table) // This SetDeaths is now really SetKills to add/subtract/set to for unit of choice SetDeaths(CurrentPlayer, Subtract, 1, "Terran Ghost"); // Add +2736 to 0x006509B0 to set it back to what it was SetMemory(0x6509B0, Add, 0x00000AB0); ``` Note: Set Deaths needs to be for current player, P1/P2/etc. would modify the normal deaths table. Note2: Cannot use Any Unit/Men/Buildings/Factories for the unit, those do have Unit IDs, are not stored in the Kills table, and would overflow into other areas.
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